Best Iced Coffee

Being able to prepare your own specialty drink is a very pleasant feeling. However, most people do not know how to make iced coffee. Considering the many ways to prepare an iced coffee drink, there are so many that instead of becoming an expert at them all it is better to find your favorite. If you can learn how to make it well, you can not only drink it yourself, but also serve it anytime for your friends and family. If you love coffee, you might want to know how to prepare a basic type of iced coffee so that you do not need to go to a coffee house to get your iced coffee fix out of necessity, but just as a treat. One of the most popular iced coffee drinks is the iced frappe. It is usually only available at coffee houses, but now you can learn how to make one of the best iced coffee beverages on the market.

~ps447.tmpMost people only make iced coffee by chilling it and pouring it over ice with different syrups and flavors, however, making ice blended coffee not only gets it colder, but also mixes all of the ingredients in the coffee to perfection. This type of coffee is becoming more popular among coffee lovers not only because of the many flavoring options, but also the ability to blend the coffee with ice cream or nuts. You can drink this iced coffee recipe during lunch on a hot summer’s afternoon for a very refreshing feeling. This simple recipe allows you to prepare the best iced coffee at home in a personalized way.

To prepare to make your iced coffee frappe beverage you will need to have a source of very strongly brewed coffee.

You can either buy or make one of the following coffee concentrates:


8 oz of liquid coffee concentrate

¼ cup of flavored syrup (e.g. chocolate, caramel or butterscotch syrup)

¼ cup of milk, almond milk or ice cream

whipped cream (optional)

15 ice cubes

Simply mix the coffee, flavored syrup and your choice of milk source together in a blender, adding in the ice last. After you finish blending you can top off your iced coffee drink with whipped cream or syrup of your choice. The coffee is ready to drink and you can share it with your friends and friends. This simple recipe for iced coffee can ensure you have your ice cold beverage in a matter of minutes.