Iced Coffee Calories

Iced Coffee 3It is very important to know the total amount of iced coffee calories in a cup or bottle. Grabbing a cup of iced coffee is much easier than brewing hot coffee or going to a coffee shop for it to be freshly made. However, most people do not have time to read the labels on what they drink before they buy it, but it’s essential to know the calories before the purchase is made.

The amount of iced coffee calories depends on the ounces in the drink and if the coffee is flavored naturally or artificially. An iced coffee beverage in a regular 8 ounce cup has about 80 calories. The average is about 10 calories per ounce. This can change if the person pours in extra milk, sugar or any other ingredient.

In a mug, there is approximately 90-100 calories. This is because a mug has the capacity to hold more coffee than a regular cup. However if your iced coffee is served in a mug it will more than likely taste stronger because the mug will keep the coffee colder for a longer period of time. In a regular cup, iced coffee will not take long to become very watery, especially the more ice that is added.

In most coffee shops, a person can customize their iced coffee drink, or they can buy iced coffee in a bottle. Either way, there is approximately 100-110 calories in these drinks. Usually the producers of an iced coffee beverage cut down on the coffee per bottle make it more economical to purchase. However, this works for the customer because there may be fewer calories in every sip.

Another way that you might find iced coffee bottled in is in a can or bottle. Canned iced coffee is usually very sweet and therefore is calorie dense. Because of this, there is usually about 110-120 calories in a can or bottle of iced coffee. But alas, every single day there is some kind of new iced coffee drink coming out on the market.

With all of that being said, it is important to read the labels, because the calories found in iced coffee may make you rethink your overall consumption of calories for the week depending on how much iced coffee you consume on a regular basis.