The 6 Best Iced Coffee Makers

Iced Coffee 15There are some hot brew iced coffee makers that are only able to hot brew the coffee (like a standard American coffee pot) and slowly drip it over a glass filled with ice. These types of iced coffee makers are usually for making single cups of iced coffee that will be consumed immediately after brewing and are not able to make coffee that can be stored for several days. You would need to drink the coffee relatively quickly to not end up with watered down, bitter and lukewarm coffee. These iced coffee makers also cannot make a strong coffee concentrate or iced coffee in large batches. This means overall less cups of coffee for your efforts. The better iced coffee makers can brew a cold coffee concentrate that can be used to make a hot or cold cup of coffee, making them dual purpose and therefore more cost effective.

The best iced coffee recipes involve using cold brewed coffee, instead of the typical hot brewed coffee. Hot brewed coffee can make the taste of iced coffee too bitter, because of the extra acid that gets extracted. But, there are several methods to make cold brewed coffee concentrate that you can use in all of your iced coffee recipes. Cold brewed coffee will give a smoother and richer flavor. Iced coffee can be made without using an iced coffee maker. However, for those who prefer the convenience that an iced coffee maker provides there are several popular products to choose from that will make the process simpler. With a cold brew coffee maker you can have a batch of cold brewed coffee concentrate waiting in your frig for those moments when you or your family and friends crave a cold iced coffee drink on a hot day.

Japanese Cold Brew Iced Coffee Makers (Immersion/Non-decanting)

Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Japanese cold brew coffee makers are by far the most popular to use. The Takeya and Hario cold coffee brewers have nearly identical function and design. These two traditional Japanese iced coffee makers are unique in that the coffee grounds are fully immersed directly in the carafe, instead of being brewed in a separate container and then decanted. The coffee grounds are poured into the filter reservoir, the carafe is filled around 2/3 full of water and allowed to brew at room temperature for at least 24 hours, agitating it a few times during the process. Then the grounds should be removed and the concentrate stored in the refrigerator. With the Japanese cold brew coffee makers, you can either brew regular strength coffee that can be used straight from the carafe, or extra strength coffee concentrate that would be diluted as part of a recipe. It takes a little longer to brew the concentrate as strong as the Toddy-like brewers make it, and in addition a coarser ground coffee should be used with the plastic mesh filter, in order for there not to be sediment in the carafe. The Takeya and Hario cold coffee brewers do not require additional filters to be purchased, like the Toddy system below. With a simpler process and easier to clean design the Takeya and Hario seem like superior iced coffee makers compared with other coffee brewers. Additionally, these coffee makers can be used to brew hot or cold coffee.

The Hario Water Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Differences between the Takeya and Hario include for one their carafe designs. The Takeya is air-tight and can be stored on its side in the fridge, while the Hario cannot. The Hario carafe is made of glass, while the Takeya carafe is made of hard plastic. The Takeya can hold 1 quart or just under a liter of coffee concentrate, while the Hario is made to hold a full liter. The Takeya filter can hold 14 -16 tablespoons of coffee grounds, while the Hario recommends only 5-6 tablespoons of coffee grinds. Therefore, it would be easier to get a stronger coffee concentrate with the Takeya coffee maker. However, neither coffee makers necessarily take up space on the countertop. Both cold coffee makers make it easy to prepare and store coffee concentrate in the refrigerator, as the coffee can be brewed at room temperature or at fridge temperatures. The brewing process would just take longer if started directly in the refrigerator. Overall, both of these traditional Japanese coffee makers make excellent iced coffee drinks.

Toddy & OXO Cold Brew Iced Coffee Makers (Immersion/Decanting)

The Toddy Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Toddy Cold Brew System

The Toddy iced coffee maker is a popular brand used to make iced coffee. It is easy to use and inexpensive. The Toddy makes a cold brewed coffee with 67% less acid and therefore has a smoother flavor. The Toddy iced coffee maker also does not require electricity and so can be used easily in the office or when camping. The brewing system comes with a brewing cup and handle (where the coffee grounds are placed), glass decanter with a lid, a rubber stopper and reusable filters, along with a recipe book. This coffee maker can process up to a pound of coffee and makes up to 1.5 liters of coffee concentrate. The concentrate is usually ready to use after being left to brew overnight or for 12 hours. This concentrate is then diluted 1:3 with 2 parts water or milk when used in an iced coffee recipe. That means you can make 25 cups of iced coffee with the concentrate and the cold coffee concentrate that you make with the Toddy will last for 3 weeks.

In my opinion there are pros and cons to the Toddy type of coffee makers that use the full immersion and decant brew system for the coffee grounds as compared with others on the market. The Toddy uses a fine fibrous, sponge-like filter, which can get clogged when using very fine coffee grounds so coarser grounds may need to be used. Moreover, it can be difficult to assure that all of the grounds get an even distribution of water and so the coffee grounds must be layered with water and pressed to ensure an even distribution of liquid. In addition, having to manually take the plug out of the bottom to start decanting may get messy and cause spills. The plastic carafe does not come with a cover which can be unsanitary when left for hours on a countertop, and it also has to be put in a place where it will not accidentally be bumped into so that the coffee doesn’t spill out. Lastly, the filters can only be used up to 10 times, and will then need to be replaced. They also need to be cleaned very thoroughly and properly stored in the frig after each use. Overall, this cold brew coffee maker works pretty well and is a reliable system, however, there are other better designed and less difficult cold brew coffee makers on the market.

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Now the OXO cold brew coffee maker is also very similar to the Toddy, but it has a few upgrades to the system that makes the process less difficult and better streamlined. For one, the OXO’s brewer comes with a rainmaker lid attachment that evenly distributes the water that is added to the coffee all at once and then you simply stir it. This mean that there will be an even flavor extraction, and the brewer is covered during the entire process. Next, the OXO brew system uses a stainless steel fine meshed filter, unlike the Toddy filter, which is easily cleaned and reusable. The metal mesh filter allows a slight bit of sediment and coffee oils to come through though, unlike the Toddy filter, however, they sell separate disposable paper filters to help remedy this problem. The OXO also has a switch that activates the filtration process into its glass carafe, which is much easier than having to pull out a rubber cork stopper when using the Toddy. Moreover, when the carafe is removed, the coffee maker will stop filtering, thus preventing spills. The carafe has measurements markers on it and comes with a silicone seal that keeps the coffee concentrate fresh. Also, it can hold enough concentrate to make around 12-14 iced coffee drinks. The OXO has a sleeker and more appealing design than the Toddy system, however, it does come with more parts to assemble. This coffee maker is more expensive than the Toddy brewer, but for the enhancements to the OXO it is well worth the price.

French Press & AeroPress Iced Coffee Makers (Immersion/Pressure Filtration)

SterlingPro French Coffee Press

The French press coffee maker was invented in 1929, and uses a portable and self-contained design. In this respect it is similar to the Japanese cold-brewers, however, the styles diverge largely from there. Originally made to brew hot coffee, the French press can also serve as a carafe to brew cold coffee in as well. One of the most attractive features of the French press is the variety of dinner presentation designs made in stainless steel and glass carafes. The French press works by putting in coffee grinds into the carafe, filling the rest up with water and pressing down using a stainless steel filter attached to the pressing mechanism. This separates the coffee grinds from the liquid coffee, and you can serve your drinks directly from the carafe.

However, when using the press to make a cold coffee concentrate, you would use more than the traditional 6-8 tablespoons of coffee per 34 ounces, and add around double the amount in order to make the coffee highly concentrated in the liquid. You would fill the rest of the 1 liter carafe up with water, stir and let it brew at least 12 hours or so. After which you could then use the press to separate the grounds and immediately serve, or refrigerate the coffee concentrate in a separate container so that it does not continue to brew. It is a relatively simple process, especially compared to the Toddy cold brew system.

The AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress is one of the best and most well-known brands for single-serve coffee makers. With a sort of hybrid French press design, the AeroPress is a very popular model and also inexpensive. It is made of plastic and comes with a funnel and stirring accessories for ease of use and cleaning purposes. It can hold 10 ounces of coffee for a single cup, which can be cold or hot brew.

One of the drawbacks of using a regular French press is that you have to use a French press grind or coarser coffee grind to not end up with sediment in your coffee. The AeroPress system solves this problem with its microfilter and air pressure brewing system, which produces grit free coffee. The AeroPress design comes from several years of applied research by its inventor Alan Adler, who ran many brewing experiments to be able to concoct the perfect coffee brew with laboratory instruments. In the end it was demonstrated that temperature, total immersion and rapid filtration were key to producing an excellent coffee flavor. However, if you are going with a regular French press model for aesthetics or to be able to make cold brew coffee concentrates for iced coffee drinks, the SterlingPro will make it simple to make and serve a large batch of iced coffee drinks, which the AeroPress is not capable of with its current design. This is why the SterlingPro French press is still very popular.

Iced Coffee K Cups

Treat Your Guests with Iced Coffee K Cups

Iced coffee is indeed a treat on hot summer mornings. It is one of the best alternatives that can be offered in mixed family gatherings or sipped with liquor with friends on the weekends. If it is too hot outside for hot coffee and if you cannot bear the pinch of expensive iced coffee in coffee shops then prepare this specialty drink at home. Serve brew over ice Iced Coffee K Cups with different syrups, flavors and ice creams of your choice.

Iced Coffee K-Cups

There are multiple ways to make this beverage but if you want fresh homemade iced coffee that your guests will remember then fascinate the gathering with Do-it-Yourself spirit. You may come across many iced coffee recipes online, but if you are new to it choose one that is easy and simple to make.

You can start with brew over ice Iced Coffee K Cups:

Now you can enjoy a refreshing brewed iced coffee within seconds in your own home. Iced Coffee K Cups are specially designed so that you get flavorful, brewed coffee at the touch of a button. Each cup has a unique blend of coffee flavor so that you get a refreshing caffeinated beverage with every sip. You can experience the real taste of coffee shop style iced coffee in the flavors of your choice. You can try the popular Green Mountain, Donut Shop or Donut House iced coffee K cups.

Iced Coffee K-Cups

Follow these three simple steps and get ready to enjoy a nice cold cup of iced coffee:

Step 1: Place a cup or mug filled with ice under your brewer.

Step 2: Now insert one premade brew over ice Iced Coffee K Cup and brew on 6 or 8 oz. setting.

Step 3: Now add extra sugar or milk if you prefer, stir and enjoy a delicious cup of iced coffee.

You can even transfer your brewed coffee into a carafe or make a coffee frappe within seconds at home. Make your coffee extra unique by adding ice cream or whipped cream on top. Enjoy this amazing mouth-watering beverage!

Homemade Iced Coffee

How To Make Fresh Homemade Iced Coffee That Your Guests Will Remember

Homemade iced coffee is a treat on summer mornings. It is also a wise alternative to offer instead of alcohol to the supervising adults at kids parties at your house. You can spike iced coffee at home with your favorite liqueur for an especially fun weekend brunch with friends.

Iced Coffee Mocha 2Next time you want to serve homemade iced coffee to guests, why not go all out to achieve maximum freshness and fascinate the crowd with a show of your DIY spirit? Just be sure to try this at home on your own at least a couple of times first to perfect your coffee-making equivalent of a magic trick.

Start with green coffee beans. You can purchase them in bulk groceries or online. Green coffee beans freeze brilliantly and keep forever without losing freshness. Take them out as needed and roast them yourself for the freshest, most delicious coffee that you or anyone else will ever taste anywhere on the planet.

No need to invest in an expensive coffee roaster. If you already own an air popper for popcorn, it should work just as well for coffee beans. If you have to buy one, check reviews for one that roasts coffee well, plus you may want to splurge on a model with a timer. It is up you. If yours doesn’t have a timer, you can always use the one on your oven, or an egg timer.

You will also require:

  • an aluminum colander for cooling, or one that won’t melt (but aluminum works best)
  • a large wooded spoon for stirring hot beans
  • a large mixing bowl for catching bean chaff
  • an oven mitt or two

Ventilation is paramount. Set up your popper near an open window, preferable one near the sink so you can aim the machine to exude chaff into the basin where you will place your mixing bowl. This set up will save you some time on clean up later. Another good place is under a kitchen hood vent. Have all your required equipment handy.

Pour the same amount of beans in to roast that the model recommends for popcorn, usually 4 ounces or 2/3 of a cup. Turn it on and set your timer for three minutes. Models of air poppers are likely to vary, so only rely on the timer just so much, especially the first time you do this. Keep your senses focused to detect the sound of the first bean cracking, the first sign of fragrant smoke wafting- then you are, metaphorically speaking, at the three minute mark however long it took to get there.

Now remove the butter container/lid and look at the color. Just a shade before the beans get to the color of roast you desire, stop the machine and remove the beans to your colander to cool. Beans continue to roast a bit more until they cool. Use the wooden spoon to stir so the heat escapes evenly. With most air popper, a light roast takes about 4 minutes, a full roast about 5 minutes, and a French roast around 6, with perfect espresso, and burnt recognition not far behind. It may take a little practice to get the hang of your machine and a good sense of the timing. You may want to try for a full roast the first time so that if you go a bit over or under, your roast will still taste delicious.

Iced Coffee 2Next, the beans go into your grinder as soon as they are cool enough to the touch (obviously be careful here!) a couple of minutes should be about right. When your friends are there, this is the point at which you brew extra strong coffee via your favorite method. Pour the hot coffee over ice in a large sturdy glass pitcher, making iced coffee for everyone and voila! Let your guests cream and sweeten your homemade iced coffee as they desire. You can give them options like almond milk, stevia, honey, vanilla syrup, whipped cream, and powdered cocoa and cinnamon to sprinkle on top to let them know just how much their visit with you is appreciated.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee 12

Many iced coffee recipes use cold brew coffee concentrate as the coffee source for a number of reasons. First off cold brew coffee can be stored as a concentrate in the refrigerator and used for weeks after it’s made without any affects on the taste of the coffee. Cold brew coffee is less acidic than regularly brewed coffee and also tastes much richer and smoother than when making iced coffee using hot brewed coffee. The cold brew coffee in its concentrate form can be used to make many more cups of cups than hot brew coffee because the hot brew coffee has already been diluted to a higher degree when using a regular American coffee maker. Furthermore, you would have to wait for the hot brewed coffee to cool off some before adding ice so that the ice doesn’t melt and water down the overall taste of the coffee. Many times hot brewed coffee has to be cooled down a significant amount so that when you add ice, you actually end up with cold iced coffee instead of lukewarm coffee. Usually when hot brew coffee is used to make iced coffee it can only be stored in the refrigerator for one or two days before becoming too bitter to drink. This happens because using a regular coffee pot actually extracts too much of the alkaloids from the grounds on the bottom of the filter and not enough flavor is extracted from the grounds at the top. When coffee turns bitter you would end up having to add more sugar to the coffee just to cover the taste and make it palatable.

So how do you make cold brew coffee concentrate for your iced coffee recipes? Well cold brew coffee concentrate can be made in a number of ways or even purchased in a gallon container online. You can buy a number of American, Japanese or French Press styled cold brew coffee makers, or simply use a Mason jar and muslin bag or nut milk bag at home to get the same results.

  1. The basic process is to buy coarse ground coffee beans and place 1/3 cup of grounds in a small muslin bag or nut milk bag, secure it, and then place the bag in a Mason jar or glass pitcher.
  2. Put 1 cup of water in the Mason jar and make sure the grounds are fully immersed in the water.
  3. To make several cups of coffee concentrate at once increase the ratio by adding 1/3 cup coffee grounds to 1 cup water.
  4. Place the Mason jar in the refrigerator and let the grounds steep for 12 hours to 24 hours, depending on how concentrated you want the coffee.
  5. Then simply remove the bag and you will have coffee concentrate in the Mason jar that that you can keep refrigerated for weeks.
  6. To clean the bag discard the used coffee grounds, turn the bag inside out, rinse it and then wash it with liquid soap.

When you are ready to make a cup of iced coffee take 1 part of the coffee concentrate and dilute it with 1 part cold water, milk or nut milk. Sweeten the coffee to your tastes and add ice. To make a coffee milkshake add chocolate or caramel syrup and ice cream.

The coffee concentrate can be used to make hot or cold coffee drinks. If you want cold brew coffee concentrate stored at home without having to brew it yourself, you can also purchase a liter of cold brew coffee concentrate online or at a whole foods store.

How to Make Iced Coffee?

Iced Coffee 8

Just as a warm cup of coffee can brighten a dreary winter’s day, a cold cup of iced coffee can quench a scorching summer’s day.  So the first question to answer is how to make Iced Coffee? Several methods can be used; some are simple and cheap while others are more complex and expensive. The flavor of the Iced Coffee will be the biggest factor when deciding upon which method to use, however each method will have a similar end product. The Iced Coffee will be ice cold, sweet, and have a distinct coffee flavor compared to hot coffee.

The first method to make Iced Coffee is cold brewed coffee. This method uses a long brew time of a least 12 hours and needs a little more coffee grounds compared to hot coffee. The refrigerator is the preferred place to let the coffee brew since it will reduce any oxidation that leads to off flavors. Cold brewed coffee has less acid and bitter flavor but still a smooth and bold coffee taste. Once brewing is complete ice is added to cold brewed coffee, sweetened, and flavored as desired.

The next method to make Iced Coffee uses drip brewed coffee, depending on your preference extra coffee grounds should be added to make a strong brew. Once coffee is done dripping, ice is added to a cup and coffee is poured over the iced to chill it. Some people also prefer to let the drip brewed coffee to cool in the refrigerator for 2 hours before pouring it over ice. Iced drip coffee captures all the normal coffee flavor but is served cold.

Another method is to use instant coffee and ice. The amount of instant coffee diluted in water may need to be adjusted to meet your palate needs since the ice will dilute the coffee. Iced instant coffee is fast, simple, requires no brewing machine and is the best method for on the go.

Lastly Iced Coffee can be made from espresso coffee. There are many ways to make espresso that use devices like the French press, Aero press, Moka pot, and espresso machines. Espresso concentrate can also be purchased to save you the trouble of brewing it. Whichever way you choose ice is added to a cup, then cold or hot espresso is poured over the ice then sweetened and flavored. Iced espresso coffee has a bold and strong flavor with the soothing chill of ice.

Depending on the brewing method you will be able to save varying amounts of money compared to buying overpriced coffee shop Iced Coffee. These four methods are but a few ways to answer, how do you make Iced Coffee? Now the next time you’re going to meet your friends at a coffee shop on a hot day but don’t want to pay high prices for Iced Coffee, tell your friends you’ll show them how to make Iced Coffee at home.